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Providing “Business Solutions for your Success”.

Consolidated Integrative Services, LLC

Partners for Success

Consolidated Integrative Services, LLC is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions.  CIS offers computer networking services, hardware/software, planning, implementation, and on-going support. 

Consolidated Integrative Services, LLC is interested in your vision as a business, your goals, and your plans to achieve them.  CIS will partner with you to achieve that mission.

Our Services

Have you asked yourself what it takes to provide quality services?CIS is required to obtain on-going training for our engineers, and account managers.  We continually send them off for classroom instruction, and provide them with the needed experiences.  Our standards are high and yours should be too!

Our products

Do you need a vendor that provides competitive pricing, quick delivery and provides quality on-going support? CIS can provide competitive pricing for hardware, software, and consumables with timely delivery. Our clients recognize CIS as a vital partner that stands behind their products.




Do you want to have a vendor that has a wide range of offerings? CIS is positioned to provide end-to-end solutions. We are committed to the industry by offering a complete solution for computer needs, and systems integration. 




CIS strives to educate clients in the latest products and solutions. CIS schedules several events throughout the year to provide information on the latest technologies.   


Please take a moment to view CIS’s website.  You will further your understanding how CIS provides strategic guidance which helps your organization grow.
















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Consolidated Integrative Services, LLC

1427 Williams Street, Suite 12

Chattanooga, TN 37408



To contact us:

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