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The CIS Outsourcing offers IT Staffing, and a Help Desk. All are available on a pay-as-you-go or contract basis.


IT Staffing Solutions

With “IT Staffing Solutions”, you get affordable access to technical resources you need to support and expand your IT department and/or business.  CIS can provide trained personnel to help leverage project based, temp-to-hire, IT outsourcing, or direct-personnel placement.


Types of placements include:

· Temporary/Project-based: CIS can provide for short-term needs. This option offers both low-end labor and high-end specialized technical resources.

· Temporary-to-hire Labor: CIS gives you the flexibility to observe candidates’ skills and suitability without a commitment to hire.

· Full/Part time IT outsourcing: CIS offers affordable resources to support IT needs.  This may be needed in a full-time or an on-going part-time basis.  The outsourcing will depended upon your budget and needs.

· Direct Personnel Placement: CIS will recruit and locate training personnel you can leverage in your IT department.  You will “not” have to post classified adds, searching the web for resumes’ and interview candidates.



Help Desk

Let our customer-friendly service team expertly troubleshoot technical issues.  You can free your IT staff to focus on your core business.


Support Levels:

· Level 1: This level of help desk support provides call-answering service, troubleshooting and call-logging.  The help desk utilizes a knowledge base to resolve the incident at the initial contact.  This is desktop support, “how to” questions, peripheral hardware, and windows troubleshooting.

· Level 2: This level involves a connection to a server for resolution, and/or to the core of the computer network infrastructure for troubleshooting. 




CIS welcomes you to email any questions to cisllc@consolidatedis.com.  Thank you for taking the time to review “Outsourcing Services”.



To contact us:

Phone: 423-296-9114

Fax: 423-296-9115

Mobile: 423-320-6400

E-mail: cisllc@consolidatedis.com