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Management Services

Consolidated Integrative Services, LLC (CIS) presents three levels of Management Services. These are Remote Management Services, Security Management Services, Management Services, and Back-up and Restore.


Remote Management Services

Remote Monitoring, Remediation and Preventive Maintenance

Remote Management Services handles routine system maintenance and network monitoring functions.  These are escalating alerts, reviewing backups, defragmenting your hard disk, deleting temporary files, preventing viruses, and reducing spam without interruption to your daily business operations.


Three Service Packages Available

Because every organization’s requirements are different, we offer a choice of service packages to give you the flexibility you need.


Gold—Comprehensive Maintenance Package for Desktops

Preventative Maintenance for Desktop includes:

· Patch management

· Antivirus/antispyware updates

· Temp file deletion

· Disk defragmentation


Platinum—Comprehensive Maintenance Package for Servers

Preventative Maintenance for Server includes:

· Monitoring

· Patch management

· Antivirus/antispyware updates

· Preventive maintenance for Exchange/Active Director

· Limited administration


Platinum Plus—Comprehensive Maintenance Package for Desktops and Servers

Preventative Maintenance for Desktop includes:

· Everything in Gold package


Preventative Maintenance for Server includes:

· Everything in Platinum package

· PLUS—remote troubleshoot and fix (alert and resolution)

· PLUS—Monitoring, alerting, and escalation business hours


In addition, CIS can tailor-make a “Management Service Package” for your needs.

Every package can offer:

· Maintenance Services—patching, spyware, antivirus, and preventative tasks

· Monitoring, alerting, and escalation business hours

· Up/down alerting in network devices



Managed Security Solutions

This offers an affordable way to e-mail defense, message archiving, and web protection services.  In addition, this solution allows for intrusion protection, vulnerably assessment, and improved IT compliance. 

Features of the E-Mail, Web Defense, and Message Archiving

· Blocks spam, viruses, and worms before they enter the customer’s network

· Fraud protection

· Latest defensive updates are deployed

· Protects against identified threats


Managed Solutions

MS Exchange

· Support for mobile devices like BlackBerry, Treo, PocketPC, Smartphone and Windows Mobile handhelds.


· Document-collaboration

· Individual-updated reservations for documents


Backup & restore

Backup and restore is a highly sophisticated and powerful.. This offering provides small and midsize businesses with access to critical data.



· Timely recovery of data

· Total-client ownership



CIS welcomes you to email any questions to cisllc@consolidatedis.com.  Thank you for taking the time to review “CIS’s Management Services”.












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