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                  Consolidated Integrative Services, LLC

Customer Program

Consolidated Integrative Services, LLC strives to inform clients of the latest technologies and products through the “Customer Program”.  Technology Lunch-Inn’s, Seminars, Email-technologies/products campaign, Customer Loyalty Program, and Customer rewards are offered.



A topic is chosen to be discussed during Lunch and a speaker is provided.  During this period “open discussion” is encouraged.  CIS provides a survey for future topics.  All clients are invited to attend.



CIS strives to provide a “Seminar” quarterly.  A manufacturer is chosen of a particular solution of interest.  CIS offers a survey for solution presentations, and times for the seminars.  The seminars are a half-day.  A speaker is provided and discussion is encouraged.


Email “Updated Technologies” Campaign

CIS informs you of latest computer networking solutions, sale items, and services via email. The program is the catalyst for topics which are used in the "Lunch-Inns" and "Seminars”.


Customer Loyalty Program

CIS welcomes feedback from clients to help improve policies, practices, products, and services.  Surveys are presented to gather information and your comments are encouraged.  CIS wants to continually improve to strengthen and extended our client relationships.


Customer Rewards Program

CIS partner’s with clients and shares successes through the “Customer Rewards Program”.  The “Customer Rewards Program” offers different incentives throughout the year. 


Consolidated Integrative Services LLC strives to reward, and educate our clients.   CIS strives for excellence, and the growth of on-going business relationships.


CIS encourages you to enroll by applying via email to: cisllc@consolidatedis.com.